Touch support for third person multiplayer project

Hi everyone, can we add mobile/touch controls for the multiplayer project? thank you in advance:

Hi @Genesis_Miranda! I started creating touch support for the third person example project. Unfortunately, in the current state of the project keyboard movement doesn’t work anymore, because I need to update keyboard input to work the same as touch input.

right, I we add the touch control in the animation handler, it messed up the other players instead

Can you be a little more specific please?

I mean when I tried to add the touch input in the animationhandler instead. the other players animations didn’t work. since its a multiplayer. any work around sir?

That’s because I changed the animation handler. This is also the reason why keyboard input doesn’t work in my project at the moment. You need to update all scripts or try to make the touch input work with the original animation handler.

Maybe the topic below can help you, this topic was also my inspiration, but I modified it all to make it more like I want.

yep, I tried this one also. it works well, except in the multiplayer mode. thanks

You need to merge both features yourself.