Toon Shader Assets

I am trying to implement the toon shader example project in my own, but I can’t access the assets. Where can I get the assets to test them in my project?


tell me more preciselly: you need to get somehow assets already uploaded into editor, or what exactly? and: do you make project in editor, or with engine source API?

You can fork the toon shader example project to get a copy of it and the assets.

Or you can create the assets yourself. Then monkey head is a default object in Blender. Just create one add export it to FBX.

The color ramp is a very simple texture, here it is:

Thank you guys for your time again. I am learning much more than I thought I was going to learn, but I like taking on these challenges and getting awesome results. I don’t think we will use the toon shader in the end, but I am trying to get an idea of making a hard light where the light doesn’t use a gradient, but just two distinctive shades of light and shadow. Basically, I am trying to make hard shadows instead of soft shadows.

Could you post a screenshot of the style you are going for?

If you’re looking for hard dynamic shadows you can modify the material’s shadow sample type from “PCF 3x3” to “Hard” which changes the way shadows are generated. This option is in the “Other” properties in the material.