Toon effect shading

Hi everyone, I’m trying to do a project with a toon style, here is the reference that I want to achieve:

This is what I have so far, it’s a rough approach:

I know that I should be using some scripting and shaders but I don’t know javascript so I’m trying my best here.

I’ve seen this project but can’t copy the scripts to try them : PlayCanvas 3D HTML5 Game Engine

Is there a way to have the files from Example:Toon shading ?

Thnks for any help, have a great week!

Hi @Juanix123,

Check out this thread for some updates to the toon shading project:

@OmarShehata, also made a very nice post processing effect that outlines models.

Check it out here:


Hi, thnks for the fast respond!
I’ve been trying those projects but the first Toon shading project is not working on my project, here is a screen of the error, any idea? It seems to be what I’m looking for, the posibility of using a texture for ramp is awesome.

The second one works but it’s kinda laggy in my scene, also it overlaps the vignetting and I tried with a plane in front of the camera to fake a vignetting and the outliner overlaps it. So it doesn’t fit my needs right now.

thnks again!

Sounds like you haven’t provided a texture for the ramp attribute.

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