Too much vibration in 3d model despite reducing friction

Hi all,

My project is available @ PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine

I’m making a racing game, where I’ve just got around to uploading the track and the car. The car is a box collider and the track a mesh collider. When I try to drive, there is way too much vibration and whenever I try to drive over the curb, the car tips over. This is despite reducing friction and restitution.

Help would be much appreciated.

i would think your physics setting are way too bouncy, because, when i tip over, it starts bouncing and flying off screen.
maybe increasing mass too? that it is really pressed against the floor.

I’ll try that and get back, thanks in advance!

Using a plane for the ‘track’ has no vibration. This means that either the track mesh that is used for the collision has issues or ammo.js does a bad job of box - mesh collision.

If the track is basically flat except for the kerbs, I would have the kerbs as separate and simplified collision meshes and the ‘track’ as a box collision.

I doubt the mesh has issues but I will check that out. I’ll try what you said with the kerbs as well. Thanks a lot

If the collision mesh has long thin polygons, I can imagine that causing some issues.

I’ve fixed the issue by changing it to a plane, thanks a lot for your help @yaustar and @samvermeir