Throw an item/entity

i need to make when left mouse pressed it throws an item/entity

i tryed lots to do it but cant

Hi @Jesse_Gagne,

Try sharing first what you’ve tried, it makes it easier when there is some example code or a project, for people to help you.

Hey @Jesse_Gagne,

Try taking a look at this thread, it seems similar to what you’ve described - [SOLVED] Need help with my custom throw system.

Hope this helps!


this is to hard just to make a working bullet clone then move lots with motion

why am i here and not using block code why cuz 3D

but itsssssssssss hard to code motion and clone like bullet for my gameee

Oh is it for a shoot script? In that case, do check out this tutorial by @OmarShehata - It goes over a lot of important PlayCanvas concepts, including how to build a shoot script. This will even help you get more acclimatized to the editor and more comfortable coding in JS for PlayCanvas.

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