Thirdperson virtualstick controller

Is there any way to control thirdperson using virtualstick.
I would like to make it run in mobile devices.
Thank you in advance.

May I add the tool I made here? :grin:


@guzu great project! I hope you do not mind if our team forks and uses this in our future games?

You are free to do what you like :+1:
And that goes for anything on my github as well :+1:

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@guzu thank you very much.
Do you have any idea how to control third person animation with the virtualstick.
Vitural stick up = thirdperson run forward animation.

You only need to get to the pad script and use get()
It returns x and y which you can use to move your character the way you like.

I’ve included some examples in that project. Have a look and see if they are easy to understand :+1:

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@guzu thank you for the fast response.
I will go through the script.