Third seat disappeared

Something strange happened after receiving first bill of $ 149.98. Previously we’ve added two seats and we could have 3 people working on same projects. After receiving the invoice we discovered that a project in which we were in 3 became public (I discovered it by noting the comment on the main bulletin board). I immediately tried to make it private but it gave me the error of maximum limit reached stations. Unfortunately in the hurry I deleted an important project we were working on, because I entered “delete this project” without paying due attention.

  1. we would like to understand what happened at the third seat (can you check our bill?)
  2. we would like to suggest you change the phrase “delete this project” with the name of the project itself, in order to force the user to “reason” when performing such an important operation.
  3. Is there a way to recover accidentally deleted projects?
    Thank you so much.
  1. If you check your ORG account, you can see where the seats have been allocated. Also check if the project has any users that are not meant to be part of the ORG.


  1. You can email to still if they can undelete a project. I recommend using the PlayCanvas API in future to export projects on a regular basis for backup and archive purposes.