The Tween library seems to have broken with the latest engine version


I have a problem with an existing project that has appearen only on the last version of the engine (1.66.3).
I’m using the Tween library to move a camera, but I get this error:…).to(…).on(…).start is not a function

If I publish on version 1.65 it works, but on 1.66 it gets stuck because of that error.
Any idea about what could be the problem? Thanks a lot,

Hey @Hector_Zapata, thanks for flagging this. It could potentially be related to this ticket here.

Do you have a small test project that shows this error that you could share?

If you’re using tween script, you might need to add a new version of it that is compatible with new engine, and most likely do some small changes, described here: Tween changes / errors in engine 1.66