The problem I encountered while creating the 'Product Display' project

Hello, I am currently working on a product display project that requires images as a base image. As usual, I need to cancel the “Clear Color Buffer” option on the camera and turn on “Transparent Canvas” in the settings. In the figure below, I will show my operation. When I run with the current version of the editor, I will encounter the problem shown in the figure below (the model will appear as a residual image), which is not the case with the old version.
Project Link:PlayCanvas 3D HTML5 Game Engine

Enable clear color and change the color’s alpha to 0

1.65.5 ‘worked’ arguably because of a big or unintended behaviour. Disabling the clear color should give you the effect you are seeing now because the rendering buffer should retain what was rendered last frame.

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Thank you! My previous operating habits were incorrect :smiling_face_with_tear: