The PlayCanvas Community Jam

Hey everyone,

A few of us community members (@Leonidas, @Albertos and myself) are starting a PlayCanvas developer jam! Through the jam, we hope to bring together the fantastic PlayCanvas community to participate in a one and a half month long contest where you can develop a creative game and/or 3D visualization.

The full document for the jam, outlining the premise of the jam, rules, judging criteria, and details about the prizes, can be found here. Please be sure to go through it before participating.

We look forward to seeing the unique and creative projects you guys come up with over the course of the jam! You can submit projects until and including October 20th, after which the judging process will commence. We have exciting prizes up for grabs as well, so be sure to send in your submission!

If you have any queries, please do get back to us.

Good luck!


Sounds interesting, are all assets CC0?

Yes, all three collections are CC0 licensed. You can find links to the original collections on the README.txt file on each collection.


Sounds like fun am I allowed to use the vehicle demo from Playcanvas

@Braiden_Perkins yes, please go ahead. As long as you use three assets from each of the collections, it’s fine.

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cool beans

Sounds nice, I’d like to submit!

Is it allowed to edit any of the assets in some way? I don’t intend to turn them unrecognisable, just to tweak them a bit or add animations


Hey @Francisco_Bozzo, adding animations sounds alright, but what do you mean by ‘tweaking’ the assets?

Mainly I was thinking about rigging characters and splitting meshes (e.g. the hangar 's gate, the windmill’s blades, etc) just for having them animated more easily

Yes, that should be fine. As long as you are not changing the model itself, it should be alright.

You did a good job I would like it.