The only way how to start audio on iOS is by fast tap on the screen (no swipe or touch and hold anymore)

I know the audio is locked at the beginning and I have to play the first audio as a response to EVENT_TOUCHSTART. This worked perfectly on Android and iOS in Playcanvas library version 1.51.7 no matter if the user tap, swipe or hold the finger on the screen. If I play the first audio file in response to EVENT_TOUCHSTART it worked.

Now I have version 1.57.0 and unfortunatelly now this doesn’t work on iOS anymore. Now, the user has to tap, but if he/she swipe or hold the finger a little bit longer the audio is not unlocked and it’s not possible to unlock it until the next start of the game.

Is there a solution for this?

Is this working on engine 1.56.1?

Hm…I thought it was only me, so this really is a regression. The solution I found is to add a sound on the loading screen and play it when you click on the start button(assuming you have a start button on the loading screen). This will unlock all audios for Safari :wink:

I’ve created a ticket for this issue here: Audio is blocked from playing on iOS if user starts with a swipe gesture since 1.56 · Issue #4760 · playcanvas/engine · GitHub