The editor seems off

The last 24 hrs I have been experiencing major problems in regards to loading animation to a FBX character. One minute the editor responds well, the other it halts and wont play the uploaded animation.

This CET morning, there should not be extra strain from ‘sleeping’ USA-users yet, but still trouble.

I’ve haven’t had any reports of this issue. If it’s animation not playing, it’s more likely to be an Editor/Engine/Project setup issue than server/backend so the number of users wouldn’t be an issue.

Do you get any errors in dev console when it doesn’t play?

Is this using the Anim State Graph Component or the Animation Component?

Ok. Did not get to playing - even. Before that, the editor did not respond to a new animation correctly (some time codes from blender/FBX did not export-and-then-import-in-PC as idle frames is cut off?), and suddenly lights where shining brighter (very off, and not start-issue-related >> seemed therefore related to total editor system being strained) [PS: Had closed half of my Chrome windows as well, to rule out browser/cache/ram strain].

This was using the Animation Component.

I has become better now - refresh helped the light issue part

Was the Editor open for a long time? The Editor has issues recovering from being idle too long (Chrome does pretty aggressive tab management these days)

Ok - well, I guess that could have been the issue yesterday … but I did refresh both days (which did help on some of it)
Otherwise: Before closing half the windows I did have multiple PC-projects opened simultaneously