The door wont texure

I put a wood texture on door and get this? plz help

Hi @Brent_Reddick! How many material slots has the door? Can I see the render component of the door?

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take a look PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine

As far I can see there is no material applied on the door.

It looks that way but click on it, it does have a texture

Sorry, I don’t know about which entity we are talking.

door_4 entity

Try to replace the black material too.

still no

Little strange the door stays white. I’m on mobile unfortunately, so I can’t do much.

ok let me give you more info o you can maybe get an idea on what I can do

I can change the color but the image texture wont work. any ideas?

Where did you apply the texture? I would check diffuse and emissive.

I put it in defuse

Is the texture visible when apply the material on another model? Is so, there is a problem with the door model.