The bar does not show I dont know why

everything on the 2d screen shows up except for the bar :frowning: PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine

@Brent_Reddick I am not sure what you are referring to. Which 2d screen? There are several. Is the bar tied to a script.

This one
Screenshot 2022-11-25 3.21.12 PM

@Brent_Reddick Is there a script associated with it or is the entity enabled? I will have to fork your project.

ok you can fork

Without checking the project I guess you need to rotate it 180 degrees.

@Brent_Reddick The best I can tell is that the emissive of the material is black. I changed it as shown below and it appears. You are using the same material for both the progress and the bar itself. You may want to change the bar background to black and then use the material green to show progress.

Also I agree with @Albertos. Is your screen flipped 180degrees? When I look at the front I see nothing but when I look at back then I see.

Also, I think that your enemy that attacks may have some inappropriate language that may not be appreciated by others.

ok thanks, I will make sure to put a warning for the language

@Brent_Reddick The main reason your bar isnโ€™t working is that I think itโ€™s emissive is set to black. Not sure if that is default or not. Also, you can put in a warning but from my side I donโ€™t like it. Here is an example I found in the forum. Maybe you can use it.