The Asset Store Needs More Models

I’ve noticed that the asset store is small and doesn’t have many models, so I created this topic to list the models we would like to see on the asset store. Examples would be Knights, soldiers, dragons, RPG characters, etc. I hope they end up there and hope you too have many ideas for awesome models.

About the asset store, i too think it would be nice to improve it since it’s the biggest difference between Playcanvas and Unity, I don’t see either a way to upload models i don’t know if it’s done to avoid trash models but it could be nice to have it and maybe a way to confirm or delete the ugly or imperfect ones. Attracting more 3d artists i think will also attract more developers. Or maybe there is a way to contribute that isn’t so easy to find?

There’s an asset store for play canvas? Where?

lol told u it’s not easy to find :smiley:
Inside the editor over the assets panel there is a library tag if you click there you reach the store

Wow… didn’t expect this topic to end up on my notifications. Yeah, if we could have it like a year ago when you could get to the asset store from PlayCanvas instead of the editor that would be nice, and if we had an upload button and maybe even a way to sell on PlayCanvas like on Unity? Just a suggestion.

It would be nice to improve the Asset Store, definitely. Just a matter of priorities really. Also, I’d like to see the Asset Store accessible directly from the Editor UI (maybe the Assets panel itself?).

Providing the ability for third parties to offer content in the Store is obviously a very cool feature to have. It’s not on our schedule yet, but it’s safe to assume we’ll do it one day. :slight_smile:

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The day it will be done you would leave unity in the dust coz i think that playcanavs is a lot more powerful and flexible.

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