Textures on ios safari

When I download my build to server, at first run on safari some textures are not loaded, but on second run all ok. What can it be?

Does this happen only on Safari? Do these textures have preload checked?

Yes, only on safari, on samsung browser, chrome all ok

but when I launch on playcanvas, on safari all ok too

Is it safari on iOS or on Mac OS?

If you can provide us a project or build url someone may be able to test and see if it’s repro.

Any errors in the console log?

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IOS Safari

Sorry, I cannot debug it, because I don’t have Mac

Sorry, I asked owr product manager, when he give me an answer, I will give you url( If I will be allowed)

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Hmm, seems to be working fine here, both on the first run and every other time (iPad 2020 / Safari):

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Hmm, I think it’s happened only when I reload a build… wait a sec plz, I try to reload it

Can you check it again, please?

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I think I can see it now, is that what you mean? This seems like the PlayCanvas placeholder texture that is used while an asset is still being loaded.

Are you sure that the texture is set to preload?

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Sorry for late answer, on all textures preload are checked, maybe I need to compress them?

It be good to check the console logs. I would use vConsole or remote.js to help access console logs on the iPad.

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Hello, do you mean to give you a access to repo?

You mentioned that you couldn’t access the console logs because you didn’t own a Mac. The two libraries and services above that I listed will help you access to those logs without a Mac.

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Ah… thank you! Sorry, bad english


Can it be my problem?