Texture map not tileable

Hi. I modeled an object with UV map…in the original model I have only one texture repetition (brand).
When imported, I always get a default tiling wich is great for most of the cases but not here.
There is no option to stop tiling. Only scale-move. O r I’m missing something??
If not possible I need to create an extra UV only for no tileable textures in the model…or baking the texture before exporting


Hi @Juanjo3D,

You can set the UV address of the texture asset to Clamp to have it repeat only once, but that will get the texture to stretch on its borders to cover the whole model area.

If you can easily make changes to your model then yes your best bet is to add a second set of texture coordinates for this specific case, to have control over the position and size. Otherwise you will have to either code a shader / create a custom mesh in code / use the detail texture channel etc.

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not really…it works the way it should (clamp option). No need finally for a second UV. But so many 3D packages in my mind…I could not find the right option without your help. Thanks again

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