Texture generation based on user provided visuals

Hello Fellas !

Newcomer to PlayCanvas, I have a question regarding the engine itself (I guess, at least).
I do hope that this will be clear enough for anyone to be able to answer me, and pardon me is this is a redondant question.

For a said experience, a user would provide some visual elements (such as a logo).
The user would then choose a specific kind of texture (with several maps) to apply to each visual previously provided, and then choose amongst some 3D models (such as a packaging, like a wine bottle or a cookies box) to apply the textured visuals.
The user would then be able to visualized the textured 3D model.

The problem being that, despite the fact that some maps can be created upstream without any input from the user, at some point the user’s visual are required (to create the normal map, for example).

(This is what I’ve understood, please correct me if I am wrong).

That being said, can the engine generate that kind of map from a file provided by the end user (ie : without an asynchronous humain intervention in between).

Hi @nooxouille and welcome,

I am trying to understand what is your exact question, let me know if I got it right. Are you asking if:

  1. The user can load remote assets that aren’t included in your PlayCanvas application, and use them on runtime? That’s definitely possible, you can load any supported resource that is accessible by a url:


  1. Or are you asking if you can generate textures on runtime, on the fly? If that’s your question, we may need more info on what you are trying to do, like an example.
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Hey ! Thank you the reply.
My bad for not being specific enough.
My case is the second one.

The user would provide some jpeg/png files (most likely, logos and graphic materials) to which he would apply some specific paper textures (such as a selective varnish texture, matt lamination and so on) and then get a preview of these applied to a 3D model (most likely some packaging provided by us within the application – the user just provide the graphical materials without specific textures).

Because some textures require normal maps that are based on a visual provided by the user (ie. logo), we need a way to generate the normal map from the user imported assets, for each paper textures (a normal map for each print finishes technics), at runtime.

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I dont believe the engine provides functionality like this - it’s something you’d need to implement on your side.

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Okey dokey ! Thank you for the reply !