Text positioning not same ingame as in editor

Hey guys, i quite dont understand this gui behaviour, the position of image in editor is not the same as it is in game, and this happens also with other elements, i see it is related to Text elements, as far as i noticed.

Here is the position of text in editor:


And here is in game:

Note: I changed positions through applying changes to “Template”.

Here is second text element having the same issue:




Hi @smokys! I also had this problem and the quote below was my solution.

Unfortunately, doesnt help :confused:

Okay, I also ended up with a broken template to be honest. Since there was no response to my topic anymore, I stopped working on that template. Probably I have to rebuild it until it breaks again, because I think templates in combination with elements is not bug free at the moment.

This is pain, i cant manually change position of buttons, texts in 40 levels :confused:

I think I’ve seen this happening if there is an entity in the UI hierarchy that DOES NOT have an element component.

If you can reproduce this or isolate this in a new project, we can take a look at it.

Well yes, i have one entity which is parent for several more entities with element component

That needs to have an element component of type group on it

You mean Layout group component specificaly?

The drop down box for element has ‘text, image and group’

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Aight, ive made it like that and will test it out.

So after long testing i came out with decision that it worked for some elemets, but there still are many of them which require manual setting up, its pretty annoying though, i have over 45 levels and need to touch text element (current level text) to move on the position.


I just dont understand whats going on here, in editor it has not good position and ingame its good.

It is all caused by “apply changes” button

(It seem that it only affected that level icon and text)

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Any chance you can fork the project to show publicly and remove everything apart from that bit of UI in the all scenes so we can take a look at it?