Text line fixed on a model point (as iphone demo)

Hello, i’m helping with this project https://playcanvas.com/editor/scene/584692 i wanted to make a line text that follow a certain point in the model as in the iphone demo, so i used augment and augmented script but the line is fixed on the camera and show up everywhere i look at, how can i make it to be fixed on a model point? Thanks

firstpersonmovement.js this.camera = null;
delete this line

Hello, yes deleting that line the text became fixed, but strangely i have 2 texts now one where it should be, and another one over the bed??

And additionally, can i make that line clickable to open a dom element?

when the depth of screen point is negative,you need disable it.if you need click it,you need check it by the click point.