Text entity or geometry?

Hi everybody, I’m developing a project where I need to put lot of text, like street names, sizes of objects, etc. I made it as geometry but it has more than 500k tris, which is huge for this. Would it be better to use text entity insteed of geometry? In that case, is there a way to make the text entity cull behind geometry? right now it always shows over like an UI.

Thnks for your time!

Hi @Juanix123,

You can definitely use a text element that is culled with the geometry.

Add the World layer to it and remove the UI layer, that way it will be sorted much like any other transparent model.


Hi Leonidas! You are always ready to give us answers thnks!

And it would be more “performance friendly” with text element than with geometry? I don’t know how do they work.

Yes, it will most definitely be. A text element only renders a handful of points, it will be more performant definitely for your use case.