Tell Browser to update cache when new build is available


What is the preferred way to make sure a client fetches the newest version of a published app and is not using the browser cache for script files?

I see that asset resources get a time stamp / hash attached, like


Every time the asset changes with a new build the cache is updated, which is perfect.

However this is not the case with level configs and scripts like


I see the following possibilities:

A) Place the app within an iframe, like most of the playcanvas showcases, and use a different sub-folder for each version.

B) In the main index.html (produced by the playcanvas build process), add a version variable to the game scripts. This would work for the main scripts, but not for scene configs loaded dynamically.

C) Configure the distribution server to tell the browser not to cache certain files. This would lead to more traffic.

Is there a functionality of the Playcanvas build process that produces version tagged builds? I am adding a version string when downloading the build via which makes no differences for caching.

Thanks for your help,