Take long time to render in ios

In iOS devices, it takes a long time to render after loading, which takes twice as much time as Android devices. What causes this?

Hi @lxj,

The only time I’ve seen such a big difference in load time was with a relative big scene. What takes that time is parsing the scene .json to create the entity hierarchy.

What’s your scene size?

hi,Thanks for your reply.My scene is 50M in total, but there are many maps and materials. When materials and maps are not added, ios loads as fast as Android. But after adding materials and textures, ios lags behind Android. When my loading progress reaches 100%, the code log has been printed, but the scenario will take a while to load.

It’s hard to pin down the issue without a reproducible. Possible issues:

  • Using large mesh colliders as they need to be created on initialise
  • Scripts that are taking up CPU time on initialise or first update

Best way to be sure is to profile the load with Safari and see where the time is being taken up