SWERVE: PlayCanvas' latest WebGL game!

Check out our latest game SWERVE!


It’s a simple but addictive casual game. It’s super-lightweight, and is playable after loading just 1.8MB of data. It should run pretty much everywhere: smartphones, tablets, desktop.

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Hopefully, it’s a good illustration of what you can build in PlayCanvas with just a few days effort. So get creative and make something similar today! :smile:


I love the game and I know a hack to it if you want to know how go to my video with over 200 views!! (iPad/iPhone only though) Video below! :smiley:

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Hah, that was hilarious!

Hi @CraziBwedBoi and welcome to Playcanvas.

I can’t make the video work

Looks like the video was removed.

Really fun game, great job!

I am pretty sure the gift boxes give you extra points, but it would be nice to have a better sound effect + a visual effect with maybe a point value show up?

Will great job on the game u did really well I kinda agree with brianhoffer and when u first start the sand it’s the same car but a different color idk if that’s a glitch but ReAlly great job on the game love u all stay safe

yoooooooooooooo,this game was nice loved it :ok_hand:t4: :ok_hand:t4:

Looks like this is a very old post getting revived. Since it is back up at that top @will is this project available to look at? I am curious as to how you did the tire marks.

Hi @kdarius, this post may be of help on how the tire marks were made:

Hmm will look at this method again. I tried a decal type method before but the tracks always looked jagged that you could see the quads / jagged edges and not as smooth like a curve.

I think in this case, it’s just A LOT of quads that make it look like a curve Decals: Swerve tire tracks, explosion marks, bullet holes, footprints, roads

Decal example with meshes: http://playcanvas.github.io/#graphics/mesh-decals.html

Me neither. I can’t get access to the video.

This is such a joke but so addictive… I just got to 160km/h when it says up to 150km/h. I give up…