Support for School Project and Help

Hello, my name is Dylan Hudson and I go to a school in Arkansas. We don’t have much money as students and the school can’t pay for a account upgrade. We are wondering if you can help us. The 200 MB is great for the school project we’re doing but it won’t hold enough. A Tsunami VR is what we are designing and coding. We are just wondering if we could be given more storage as a school related thing. It would really help and if you want i can send a email through my school email. It would only be available to us as our team.
Thank You for Your Time
Dylan Hudson

Username: DylioJH

Hi Dylan,

200MB worth of assets and build is pretty big for a single project. What makes you think that you will exceed it?

I’m looking at the project now and it’s 5MB worth of assets, some of which are duplicates and others larger than they need to be (for example, the crate textures are 1024 x 1024 and they can be half or even a quarter of that resolution for most applications).

Well, the project i’m currently working on is a bit big and I want to shrink it down but i wanted to put some texture or better graphic into it. With five people we have big minds and the terrain alone for a town will be basic but not to basic. Since, merge (the ability to combine objects as one), is not a option as i believe. We can code in the tsunami we need but the storage of that with terrain alone and all the physics and assets will take it all up.