[Suggestion] I hope to promote PlayCanvas engine in the Chinese mainland, but firewall problem is the first problem to solve

Hello everyone, I am a developer from the Chinese Mainland. I like the PlayCanvas engine very much. I think it may be the best Web 3D game engine in the world. I currently promote it spontaneously in the Chinese Mainland, including making promotional videos and tutorial videos for it, but I found that I encountered a little trouble in the actual promotion process, that is, China’s Internet firewall blocked some PlayCanvas pages, resulting in Its visit in the mainland area is very slow, or even inaccessible. As a result, many potential developers were lost, and promotion became slow.

I noticed that some Google services actually have the same problem, but they have established an official agent in China to make it unimpeded when accessing some services (for example, tfhub.dev is replaced by hub.tenselorflow.google.cn), whether it is PlayCanvas can also set up such an official agency to make it easier to open up the Chinese market? You know, the Chinese Mainland has the largest number of game developers in the world.


We would love to expand our servers and network to better serve our users in China. While we aren’t there yet, steps are being made by our developers on the servers to make it easier to do so once that becomes a possibility :slight_smile:

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Great, looking forward to that day!

Aparently it’s hard to get stuff to china, but you may not want to, as my dad taught me there are no copyright laws there, so they can just copy anything, and this may be bad.

Hey, please pay attention to your wording. This is obviously a prejudice. In any civilized country, there are laws to protect intellectual property rights. In China, if anybody do not respect the copyrights of others, he will be punished severely.

The following is a link to China’s copyright protection law. I suggest you check it out before speaking.