Suggested 'production' best practices?


Is there any kind of guide as to the best way to work with the projects in terms of a production line? For example, the dashboard doesnt seem to have any categorical filters you can set that I could see to allow you to limit the view to just those projects with the appropriate value for a label.

We figured if others have had experience setting up their PlayCanvas space to ‘churn and burn’ we could borrow techniques. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


Some things I do:

  • Insert a keyword in a project name. e.g. Tutorial, Example, Game, Demo and so on. Makes it easier to search my project page.
  • I regularly use the archive feature to download a backup of a project I’m actively working on in case I screw something up massively. (This is an Organization account feature).
  • I also occasionally fork a project as another backup mechanism.
  • To add a large and experimental feature to a project, I often fork the project and then, if it’s desired, I copy the changes back to the original project. There’s not auto-merge feature in PlayCanvas, so I have to reupload assets, but hierarchy can be copy and pasted between projects. (Not many people realise this).
  • Within a project, I often create scenes to test out small, unproven parts of my game/app. Let’s say I want to incorporate pathfinding. I’ll probably have a small scene which just explicitly tests that feature before integrating it into the main scene.

Thanks very much Will. I’ll work with the rest of the team to adopt these techniques.

By ‘archiving’ feature do you mean the ability to export and reimport the projects or is it a distinct feature?

Yep, that’s right - I mean downloading an image of your project to local filesystem that can be uploaded and effectively ‘restored’ at any time.