Struggling with Facebook Instant Game

I see that this engine has been used to create several instant games, and I liked the look of it so upgraded to get the ability to download builds and make private projects, but i’ve pretty quickly hit a wall

I have the game loading and getting the FB Instant Game loading screen to go away (by adding the code to the loading.js and start.js files as described here, however I have no idea how to go about getting the playerID, name, photo etc that is provided by the FB SDK.

If I do “BInstant.player.getName();” from within the game it of course has no idea what i’m talking about, and if I put it into a variable it in the start.js file then how do I get it into the game? And when running locally, how would I even go about testing that?

I’d love a tutorial or example project for getting things set up for FB’s newest gaming platform

Thanks in advance

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The 0% Loaded needs to be initiated to load the assets via the FBInstant api. As does the game start.

You also cannot download the FBInstant.js file and put it into the project, needs to be loaded from the CDN or it wont work.