Strange Rotation issue in editor
I took a short break from PlayCanvas and now that I am back, I am discovering a baffling rotation issue in editor. Basically, two axes of any given object (the camera, for instance) seem to be exactly the same, meaning I am incapable of rotating in at least one axis.

Further, when I attempt to rotate in only one direction, the rotation skews off into a second axis, veering further and further. I cannot, for example, rotate the camera upwards without it tilting further and further to the left.

Note: I am not using the gimbal but the entity properties.

I’ve tried switching between world and local angles, with no change.


For others to more easily help you, can you say which bit of code/file people should be looking at and also the steps to reproduce the issue please?

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Sure: In the file, if one selects the Camera and rotates in the editor properties, X and Y have the same axis.

I can rotate any object in Editor just fine. What do you mean by “in the file”? My X and Y axii are different when I set the rotation from entity properties in Editor.