Strange 2D Screen problems

Hello all,

I’m having some issues with the 2D screen elements at the moment. As there are no real ‘prefabs’ to speak of I have put elements together in a folder. The 2D settings are currently blend and 1. In the editor I see this:


I have to put the preview pic in another post for some reason so hang tight.


But this is what I see when previewing in the browser:


Has anyone seen anything like this before? It makes it much harder to arrange elements in the editor if they are not going to be in the same place in the final version.


Can you share a link to your project? You might have the wrong anchor or local position to an element. Also the way the Editor view works with 2D screens is that it uses the Project’s resolution (in the Rendering Settings) as the window resolution in order to show a preview. That is not necessarily the same as the resolution of the window when you run the game.

If you are targeting a mobile view I recommend changing the resolution of the Project to the resolution you are targeting so that you get a more accurate preview inside the Editor.

Thanks for that, I’ve managed to re-create prefabs that i can copy and look the same in the editor and browser so I’ll delete this freak and just remake it. Very strange though!

Thanks for your suggestions, I’ll keep them in mind next time.