Static rigidbody issue

Hello in my onRayHit code i have this.targName =; that get the entity name, but if i use a kinematic rigidbody it works if i use a static rigidbody it doesn’t work anymore. It did work fine before so i guess is an issue with the new engine is that possible? Don’t ask me to replicate the issue in a new project it’s too complex. (btw it seems to happen only when the target is a child of another entity).
Btw a kinematic rigidbody is not reallocated following the parent entity, instead the static one is reallocated according the parent entity.

There hasn’t been any changes in the physics for a while but you can check against older versions of the engine to be 100% sure.

Without a reproducible project, the only thing I can really advise is to use the debug physics render script to see where all the triggers and rigid bodies are.