Sprites can't be seen in safari

Hello guys, hope you are all doing awesome.

I am currently working with a display for a shop of t-shirts with AR and in the displays I have a preview of the t-shirt spinning with the animation displaying in front of it. The scene is already built up fine and everything works except that, when I open the build in Safari, the sprites of the animation are seen in black.

What I am using is a white sphere to iluminate everything. I also tried adding a directional light but it has the same issue either way.

I don’t know why this is happening but I could really use some help. Here is the build:

Hi @Le_Conch,

I am not sure what is the issue here, I wasn’t able to reproduce it. It seems to be working on Safari/iOS though I don’t have access to a desktop Macintosh.

Thinking might be a WebGL2 feature not supported, do you have Alpha to Coverage enabled it on any material? Maybe try switching that off and test again.

Hi @Leonidas I checked it out and the material has the Alpha to Coverage switched off, should I try turning it on?. This problem aparently only happens on a Mac. In my team case we have MacBooks Air. In iphone and samnusng it works fine.

Thanks for the help, Leonidas :relaxed:

Nah, if it’s off then it is unlikely the issue is there.

Try raising an issue to the engine repository with a simple sample project, for someone with a Mac to step in and take a look:

Thanks for all your help @Leonidas, I wrote in GitHub and hope they will answer soon. I will post their response here so the topic can be marked as solved.