Spinning - In launch

Im not sure what is happening to the game in launch. Im spinning in circles, why is that? (Happens when I put on dynamic and also why can I see the character when i turn behind?) Editor: PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine Screenshot for the character:

(For the screenshot, happens when I turn around.)

It’s your player capsule falling over.

Pleas refer to https://developer.playcanvas.com/en/tutorials/first-person-movement/

And search for this line: “To stop the player from rolling over, we also reduced the angular Factor to 0 on all axes.”

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What about if you turn around and you see the capsule?

That’s something that needs to be debugged. I would be checking if it’s only that the camera is moving and not the body. Are there more than one player entity being created, etc

No. (more players)

Oh shoot I figured it out. Thanks :smiley: