Spine color/opacity issues

Hi there!

We are using the spine plugin in a project of ours, but we have run in to some issues with colors (tinting/opacity). When I look at the plugin from github, I can see that it both parses and tries to set the opacity map to use the generated texture, but nothing shows up in-engine. I don’t know if this is something that has worked previously (this project is our first with spine), but I can’t seem to find any info/fixes about it.


Expected result:
The open orange-ish flower should not be visible from the start. The animated darker one should fade out and the opened orange one should fade in.

At a guess, I think the alpha of the colour animation is not being applied to the material :thinking: @vaios may know more.

It sure seems that way. The plugin should be creating a material with opacity though.

Sure and that works otherwise you be seeing sprite blocks.

It’s the intensity of the opacity that I don’t think is not being set/animated but couldn’t see where it gets played back in the plugin

Fair enough, overlooked that part, have only been able to look at it in passing. :grinning:

Thanks for the reply though, appreciate it.

Out of interest, if you change the colour of a part (eg tint it) as part of the animation, does that work?

Afraid not. We have tried that as well with no success.

Ok, looks like the colour isn’t applied to the material at all during the animation :thinking:


So I don’t think this ever worked - I believe we only update the transforms of the bones we don’t do color / opacity animation on the materials. If that sounds like something you’d be willing to write yourself we wouldn’t object, but I don’t think we can do this any time soon as we have other tasks in our current roadmap.