Spine animations invisible

Hi everyone, I hope you guys are doing well.

I am working on a project where I need spine animations. I am using the default plugin provided in playcanvas asset store. The problem is that my artist cannot crack the correct settings to make it work in playcanvas. Can please anyone help me in so that I can export it correctly, or if anything in particular needed to export it right?

Project link: PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine
Attaching my export settings bellow:


Hi @Faiq_Laiq ,

I have managed to fix the problem, I faced this problem as well previously,

The problem is that, spine looks for the “default” skin to set on initialization, while you had set the skin name to “Main”.


You can change skins at runtime as well, so I changed it to main at run time like this,

    var skeleton = this.entity.spine.skeleton;
    var skeletonData = skeleton.data;

    var mixAndMatchSkin = new spine.Skin("custom-boy");



Thanks @Saad_Haider it’s really helpful.

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