Sound playing Keeps repeating itself in a way I do not want it to

I made the sound work for my game, but when I hold down the button(s) it repeats the sound, and it kinda gets annoying. (you press U+O to turn on engine, J to turn off. Do that a couple times, and you will hear what I mean)

Normally I would suggest to replace isPressed with wasPressed or wasReleased, but I’m not sure if this works with two keys at the same time. You can give it a try.

Maybe if I make a separate entity for the sound (if this [random word] is true this sound play [sound] else this sound stop [sound]) or maybe make a child entity.

Maybe the example below is a better solution.

if (!this.entity.sound.slot('shoot').isPlaying) {'shoot');

Thank You :grin:! it works better now.