☑ Sound don't play on some broswer

Hi, guys! Do you know about WeChat which is very popular in China? :slight_smile: I want to make a game and play it in WeChat. But I got the problem that when I launched the game in WeChat(android OS), the sounds didn’t play.

It should not blame the WeChat. Because, in android machine, WeChat uses QQ broswer which core is X5 while in iOS, WeChat uses Safari broswer. It should be blamed to QQ broswer. However, I use WeChat with QQ broswer to play Keepy Up, the sound is pretty normal.

Is there any way to fix this problem ?

Thank you very much !

How does it work if you run on same device in Chrome?
Do you have ability to do remote debugging QQ browser app?

Ah, my android mobile has another broswer, Chrome. And I launched the game on it, it was pretty normal.
In addition to this, I use WeChat with QQ broswer to play Keepy Up, the sound is pretty normal, too.

I don’t know what happened to my project. I just added an Sound component to the entity and attached the mp3 file to the Sound. Normally, the sound should be played. However, it did not work.

Hi, max. I found the problem and the solution today. Just uncheck the property, positional, of the Sound. Can you explain ?

In most of brosers, the sounds play well even though the positional is checked while launching in WeChat(Android OS), the sounds are gone. Until I uncheck the postional, the sounds play.

Thank you !

A positional sound will uses the Web Audio API in particular the PannerNode to allow you to place audio in 3D space.

It is possible that this feature doesn’t work in the QQ browser or it behaves differently.

Positional sounds mean that the sound volume and pan is determined by the position of the AudioListener component in the scene. If you don’t have an AudioListener then the default is (0,0,0).

A simple test is to create a scene with a positional sound at (0,0,0) and see if you can hear this in the QQ browser.

Hey, dave. I had it tested. It seems not work. :worried: