Something must be done about rude users

Hey, Everyone

I just had an encounter with a rude play canvas user I’ve been here since 2016 and I have never encountered such the people in the community.

The user started to use foul language when we just simply asked for an apologizing letter to the community for what he has done I think he should be banned for an amount of time.

The users name is @cuddlesthecat

here are some photos of the message (comments)
Screenshot 2020-10-10 at 9.57.40 PM

I was “arguing” with this user in two post here PlayCanvas 3D HTML5 Game Engine, and here “4,000 views” PlayCanvas 3D HTML5 Game Engine

He also made a YouTube video about users on YouTube … here is the video Problems with Playcanvas - YouTube

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i agree

Best thing to do is to not engage. I do moderate the social but by replying directly in their own post it escalated the whole thing. Please let me moderate the feed.

I feel like the problem lays in the users of playcanvas. The young ones, they post dev logs for flipping draw game lobbies, these logs have nothing to do with the game they are making. By doing this, they bury the actual dev logs that say something about a good game. We need to do something about this. It’s annoying to post an actual log and then see it under 3 logs that give a link to a flipping Guess The Drawing lobby


@Sewbak that’s a bit of an exaggeration when it really only happened once and you have done something similar.

I try to leave things alone on that feed unless it really gets out of hand and give more attention to the posts that are actually posting about progress of their projects.

There’s not much we can beyond adding the standard social media features but again, that takes us away from features on the Editor and Engine.

Users like the one you mentioned about a draw lobby post will come and eventually go if they don’t get attention.

I mean TAO is the leader of the green ravioli clan and the green ravioli clan makes its appearance in RRC and RBS so I had to. I guess I’m h3h3

lol @yaustar if you think sewbak saying that is bad then you have no idea what kinda crap cuddles say in discord

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i really dont get why he decides to comment on everyones post and calls it bad even if its the rolling ball thing they’re probably learning but nope he sees it as an opportunity to hate on them

What’s the reason for all of you to say “ok” consecutively in someone’s project feeds? That also feels like a form of bullying.

he kept on annoying us by pinging us in our discord so we annoyed him back that’s the only reason

There is no ‘us’. You are responsible for your own behavior. And what happens on Discord should nothing have to do with what happens on PlayCanvas. So stop annoying someone and start working on your own project.

so it’s ok for cuddles to go around a crap on people’s project even though they’re new then but when i do it back to him to show how annoying it is, its suddenly its a war crime

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It is about the intention with which you do something. I don’t know his intention. You have told me your intention and that intention is not good, so you have to stop. And that also applies to the others who participate.

No, it’s not okay but if you do the same/similar, it just makes things worse for the whole feed and I have to moderate everyone.

What happens on the Discord is the server owner’s responsibility. Don’t bring those issues over here as I have to moderate only in the context of what I see and read on Play Canvas.

Locking this thread as the PlayCanvas team is already aware of the user. Please ignore said user if they cause issues and the team will moderate where fit.