Some newb questions on materials and models

Ok so I’ve started on a test/learning project and have the following issues:

  1. The “glosiness” slider in the material editor doesn’t make any difference, the reflection coming from the environment slot is always sharp no matter what. The other material parameters seem to be responding.

  2. I created and imported a lightmap and from what I can see it’s recognized the uv 1 after troubleshooting but there is zero effect of any kind in viewport object when lightmap is added and ticked in the material settings.

  3. Skybox doesn’t seem to have any effect on anything, apart from showing in the background. the materials have “use skybox” ticked. I need to plug the cubemap into the environment slot of each individual material instead.

  4. Materials with a color just turn grey or black with a reflection

  5. If Model (legacy) component is on I can see the geometry, if I add and change it to the “Render” component the box disappears entirely.


Hi @Aljosa_Cebokli,

  1. Are you using a Cubemap or Spherical map for your environment? I have found that glossiness will only work well when combined with a cubemap for environment

  2. I’m not sure I understand this one. Is the lightmap being added to the material slot and you’re not seeing it?

  3. This could be a number of things, especially without knowing what behavior you’re looking for. Did you prefilter the cubemap being used for for the skybox?

  4. This sounds like a lighting issue more than anything

  5. Are you changing a primitive to Render, or imported geometry? The Render component uses a different asset compared to the old model component

Could you please share a link to the project so others can take a look? It will make it much easier to troubleshoot.

  1. The render component is part of the Import Hierarchy workflow and the FBX has to be imported with the default settings in assets task to be converted to render assets and a template. More information in this tutorial: Importing your first Model and Animation | Learn PlayCanvas

Thanks for such a quick reply!

  1. Cubemap, and after looking again I noticed the “prefilter” button - now it works and affects viewport materials! Not sure why it doesn’t just do this automatically but ok:-)

  2. Yeah I see no effect of a light map - not even a wrong one, from what I can tell I’ve set it up and imported it correctly.

PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine and the box where I’m using the lightmap test material is the one with “auditorium” sign on it, material is “dark grey box 01”

  1. Imported fbx geometry

This is because it’s extra data to download for the user and it’s not always needed so it’s an ‘opt in’ rather than ‘opt out’

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Hi @Aljosa_Cebokli ,

I forked the project briefly to play with your materials. I do see the lightmap appearing on the 3D model, but it’s fighting against your diffusemap and metalness/glossiness settings. Here I turned down the metalness and you can see it start to appear dimly:

And if I remove the diffuse map, and leave a default white color, the lightmap appears much more clearly on the model:

I hope this is helpful


this was indeed helpful, thank you very much!