[SOLVED] Widescreen on Mobile

Hi i have the question if there is any way to detect if a
person is using a mobile phone and then start the playcanvas
project in widescreen mode, hope you can help me with this

thanks !!

What is “widescreen” mode do you mean?

You can detect device orientation

 window.addEventListener('deviceorientation', this.mobileMovement, false);

Hi mike thanks for your reply our project is designed for a desktop butwhen opening our project on a mobile phone it appears on the normal phone setting like the start screen on any mobile phone, but this makes the project look very ugly and people will need to turn their phones their selves to make it look normal, we want to make something that makes the mobile mode always appear on widescreen like a smartphone game or fullscreen youtube video.

You can’t force user to turn his phone, because it… you know, literally impossible.

But you can place a message on the screen for this case.

Realization depends on your tools, but there is a little js condition which can detect is mobile devise currently in wrong orientation

if(window.innerHeight > window.innerWidth){
    alert("Please use Landscape!");

Okay thanks for your help !!