[SOLVED] Why is in-game rendering so different to the editor?

When the in-game camera moves I’m getting a lot of jitter where polygons overlap, particularly with impoted FBX models. Usually this is when they are rendered at some distance, but there are also some glitches close up.

The editor has no trouble at all with them, even when moving the camera around a lot. Is there a way to get the camera to render more smoothly like the editor or is there an unavoidable reason such a discrepancy exists?

Pictured: editor with smoothly rendered meshes vs in-game camera with jagged and jittery polygons.

Hi @Jimage and welcome,

The editor uses a regular pc.Application instance to render the world window, so there isn’t anything special going on.

I think what I see in your image is some z-fighting. The difference most likely is due to a different setting for the camera far/near planes. Try matching your camera entity settings with the settings for the editor camera (found in your project settings):


Aha! I thought I had matched them up but the camera was set to 0.01 and 5000 while the editor was 1 to 50000. Seems the near clip is what’s causing the problem. Setting it to 1 appears to work perfectly.

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