[SOLVED] Why does my model look bad and blurry?

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I thinks the picture speaks for itself, the model looks blurry in the game, I disabled antialias already, seems no effect.

thanks, seems better now, 49 PM
but still not good enough, especially if it far away from camera, is this because the engine is doing some kind of optimization?

I found this post and it really solve the problem, now the model looks crystal clear:


sure, but it’s a private project, are you from the engine team?

sorry it’s been holiday here, I could send you the obj file, please pm me your email.

that’s really wired… just load the texture and it looks like this?? no special config?

I think you are right, it might not about DEVICE PIXEL RATIO, I started a new project and it is fine…

takes time to find out what happened to my ongoing project… it is kind of complicated now…

thank you so much for you time :slight_smile: