[SOLVED] Why can't my iPhone open my release pack

When I put my release program on my own server, My Android phone can be opened normally, but my iPhone can’t. Why? How do I set up my iPhone on PlayCanvas to make it work ?

Shouldn’t matter between the two. Do you have any errors on the dev console on iOS?

Documentation to access the dev console: Debugging | Learn PlayCanvas

  • In order to better get help I will publish the link to you

Tested on iPhone XS and it loads fine.

There are some errors but I think that is due to the use of chinese characters in the filename. I suggest changing it to be alpha numeric:

I also noticed that all the textures are PNG or JPEG. This means that they are loaded uncompressed in VRAM. iPhones tend to have less RAM than Android which is maybe why it doesn’t load on your test iPhone. It’s just running out of VRAM.

I suggest using Basis texture compression so that they are hardware optimised and uses much less VRAM.

See documentation: Texture Compression | Learn PlayCanvas

And blog post: Basis Texture Compression arrives in PlayCanvas | PlayCanvas


thanks so so so much

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