[SOLVED] Why can't I delete the project in my projects list?

I can’t delete the projects in my projects list which is forked from other’s. Is there somebody know why or how to deal deal with that?

Are you sure you are the owner of those projects? If so what exactly do you mean that you cannot delete them, what are you doing exactly?

Thank you for your reply. I’m the beginner on playCanvas. Some projects are forked from others and some are created by myself for practicing. Now I don’t need them, so I want to delete them from my projects list but the delete button is disabled. So I don’t know what’s the problem there.

Can you share a screenshot of projects with disabled deleted buttons? Also if you see the delete button disabled in a project can you open that project and share a screenshot of the settings page? Thanks

In the pic1, the “DELETE” button is disabled. The pic2 shows the setting of a project.

Oh… You’re supposed to type ‘delete this project’, not the name of the project in the delete popup.

Thanks so much for your patiently reply! I think I need to enhance my English reading ability…