[SOLVED] Where are Playcanvas build options?

Hello! I am brand new to Playcanvas, and these forums. I have a Playcanvas project created by another developer. They are currently unavailable, so I must learn Playcanvas by myself. My question is, where are the build options for Playcanvas? The last build made by this developer (for web) has the script files stored in files > assets > (random number folder). This file structure also includes the art assets. However, when I create a new build from PlayCanvas 3D HTML5 Game Engine, the project creates a single file, __game-scripts.js that combines all of the script files. Only the art assets are stored in files > assets > (random number folder). How can I change the build options to build the game without combining all of the script files into __game-scripts.js?

Nevermind, I found it. There is a checkbox in the “Download New Build” section called “Concatenate Scripts”. I missed that the first few times I went through this page.

What’s the reason for not wanting to concatenate the script files?

Hello yaustar! Thank you for the response. I have no idea why the project is set up this way. This is my first day with Playcanvas, and this project. At the moment I am trying to just figure out how to make new builds that match the existing project. Do you know where to change the loading screen text from “Play Canvas” to your game name? That is the next problem I am trying to tackle. Or is there more detailed documentation on these sorts of things?

@amarshallgc there is a much more detailed note about this in the PlayCanvas documentation. However you will need a paid account to be able to change the loading screen. Also normally one only does not concatenate the script files if they want the code to be readable.