[SOLVED] What WebGL extensions are required to run PlayCanvas?

Hello again!

How can we know which extension of WebGL are need to load a playcanvas project? Is there a way of knowing it?

Thank you!

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Good question. :smile: None are required! In fact, PlayCanvas should work on a WebGL implementation that adheres to the absolute minimum capabilities allowed by the WebGL specification. If you find a case where this is not true, it is a bug and should be logged as an issue on the GitHub project.


Thanks for the response, but I’ll try to be a bit accurate in the next question, It was too general :smile:

I’m researching a bit, I will rewrite the question in a while.

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Although @will forgot to mention that some features are implemented using extensions, and will fallback to non-extension version if such not available.
Which in some cases might reduce performance of those features, for example for GPU particles, where it has to fallback to CPU when rendering to floating textures is not available.

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