[SOLVED] WebGPU for mobile

Hello everyone!

I am looking for using webGPU on mobile, in order to use it for AR application.
But even trying PlayCanvas Examples: link, i am not able to see anything about the scene on my mobile. I don’t really know how it works or if I have to make any change on my device.

Hope anyone can help me and sorry for my grammar :woozy_face:

On Android, you need Chrome Canary and enable it as well, as its not officially supported yet: https://twitter.com/Tojiro/status/1618997822854168582

Hi @Malcant199 and welcome,

WebGPU browser support on mobile is still in progress, right now you are able to use WebGPU on some desktop browsers.

To that regard WebXR with WebGPU support is still a draft proposal, so you are better off using regular WebGL + WebXR for AR.

You can get started with the default PlayCanvas AR starter kit, if you go to your projects page on playcanvas.com, and select NEW:


Thank you so much (@mvaligursky and @Leonidas) for your fast answers and help, I will check it out your links and keep investigating this topic.


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