[SOLVED] WebGL Errors Safari Mac/iOS console


I am seeing some WebGL errors in Safari Mac/iOS console. The errors don’t appear in Mac Chrome. I’m new to PlayCanvas so I’m probably doing something really stupid.

I made a minimal project that displays the errors.


The only changes I made to the default blank project are:


  • checked bake light map
  • unchecked Affect Dynamic


  • checked lightmapped


  • checked lightmapped

Hi @Kulodo133,

I think the errors are normal in this case, if you have enabled lightmapping in your scene then you need to make sure that any model affected by those lights includes UV1 coordinates.

I think the default primitives don’t do that, so try uploading a model of your own with UV1 coords. Or use the auto-unwrap option on the inspector when selecting a model asset (check article at the bottom):


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Please note that the auto unwrap doesn’t work for the GLB created assets. See https://github.com/playcanvas/editor/issues/194 for more details.

OK, in my actual project where I noticed this error, ie not this minimal project, I use the basic box/plane primitives all over the place, and lightmapping. Do you think this error will actually cause any runtime issues? The web page on iOS would occasionally pop up a message like “the page has repeated errors” and these were the only errors that the console showed.

Actually I take it back, the default primitives seem to include UV1 coords (makes sense they would). This seems like a bug then, @Kulodo133 try submitting an issue about it in the engine repo.

@Leonidas OK will do.

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I’ll check it out next week as well.
Interestingly, the engine project we have that does this doesn’t seem to generate errors

Solved in Engine Release v1.36.1