[SOLVED]Vector png's getting pixelated when used on phone


I’m currently working on a 360 video + AR.

I have a problem where the start screen of the UI get’s pixelated when i view it on my phone, even though it looks fine on other screens.




Does any of you know what could be the problem?

I have now lowered Resolution ALOT which helps, but it’s still blurry. I got the Canvas Screen set to Screen space and the Scaling to blend : 0.5

Have you enabled “Use Device Pixel Ratio”? Warning: Enabling this will mean that it will render at a higher resolution and impacts the performance (ie lower framerate).


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Luckily that shouldn’t be a problem in this project.

So you actually just saved me again.

Thanks mate you are too awesome


Is there some way to enable “Device Pixel Ratio” for UI only? My UI elements are unbearably blurry without it (even text), but with it turned on the scene lags quite noticeably…

Also, and I’m sorry to necro this thread yet again, when using the App in an iframe on mobile safari, the contents get stretched. Seems to have something to do with “Device Pixel Ratio” and changing screen orientation (a possible bug mentioned here).

Any updates on that?