[SOLVED] Unexpected disk usage from fork failure

I tried to fork my project from this page. PlayCanvas 3D HTML5 Game Engine

But (seemingly) due to shortage of disk space, PlayCanvas said something like “Error, couldn’t fork”.
So I just subscribed to PRO15 and tried to do fork again. And somehow I got the same error.

I repeated it several times. And I just realized the disk usage increases every time I hit Fork button and see error message. The usage was originally somewhat around 190MB. And it is now about 381MB while no additional project was created and still have total 7 projects.

Would you look into this issue? https://playcanvas.com/project/368002/overview/mmd-on-html5-part-2 is experimental project that I already had before this issue. Thanks!

Sounds like a bug. I’m looking into it.

Hey @nakata0705

So this should now be fixed you should be able to fork that project. First go to your profile page and refresh, then try again.